February 2, 2011


It has begun! The pillow talk is in full "swing" (get it? swing the pillow as in pillow fight. ha) Follow the schedule below for some creative pillows, maybe a give-away or two and a free pattern or two. Plus you can find out all sorts of bedtime confessions from the designers.... I should have posted this yesterday, please forgive me! Check them out for a month of fun!

1-Feb Comfortstitchiing
2-Feb Blackbird Designs
3-Feb Jan Patek Quilts
4-Feb Bunny Hill Blog
5-Feb Cotton Way
6-Feb Fig Tree Quilts
7-Feb Kansas Troubles Quilters
8-Feb Kate Spain Designs
9-Feb Kathy Schmitz Studio
10-Feb Simplify
11-Feb Me And My Sister Designs
12-Feb Minick And Simpson
13-Feb Oliver And S
14-Feb Pieces Of My Heart
15-Feb L & J Blog
16-Feb Sweetwater
17-Feb Barbara Brackman
18-Feb Deb Strain
19-Feb American Jane
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Debra @ Life is a Stitch said...

thanks for the run down of participants! Can't wait to see everyones designs!

❦Bayside Gal❦ said...

Thanks Kathy! I can't wait to see what everyone is doing.

Lynn said...

Kathy, how fun it has been to see all the different pillows and everyone's blogs. I am excited to see more!

glenda said...

It will be nice to see all the designs and the answers to the pillow talk questions about the designers.

Hotquilts said...

It's fun to 'meet" designers and see what's new with each of them. April will be better with your new line. Thanks

Del said...

Thank you for reminding us of the pillow talk!

Del said...

Thank you for some great pillow talk!

Kathy B said...

I am enjoying the reasons behind the pillows. Sisters are great, I also have 2. Thanks for sharing all creativity.

Anonymous said...

I scrolled down and was treated to your drawings. I love your doodles!
Susan S.

Kristy said...

Your pillow is gorgeous!

Plumbing said...

Thanks for making such an exciting game. I'm sure all the participants prepared and worked hard for this.