May 28, 2020

FREE stitch along table runner pattern!

Snowdrift is coming your way!  
Let's stitch up a wintery table runner together. 
On July 13th I will post the initial assembly directions for the table runner base.
The snowflake patterns will then be made available starting Monday starting on August 3rd through October 26th.

Snowdrift table runner measures 12 1/2" x 20 1/2"
The large circles measure 4" across
There is a total of 12 different snowflake embroidery designs

If you are interested in joining this free stitch along, here is a list of things you will need:

•ivory colored Felted Wool 26" x 26"
or 1/2 yard approximately 25" x 32"*
*In total, you will need one piece 14" x 22" for the backing and additional wool for the circles - 11 - 4" circles, 11 - 2 1/2" circles, and 19 - 1 1/2" circles 
*felted wool is wool that has been washed in hot and dried on high to shrink the fibers. There will be substantial shrinkage when felting the wool. Purchase enough wool to allow for the shrinkage.

26" x 26"

Valdani 12wt pearl cotton - 1 ball Wheat Husk O514

•Sulky 12wt thread deep ecru - 1 petite 50yd spool
*or any heavier thread in a color to match your wool

•1/2" ivory-colored buttons - 11 
*or a mix of antique ivory colored buttons 

ivory seed beads - about 100

•deep ecru chenille yarn trim - 2 yards

•freezer paper for circle template

If you need any of these items, most are available on my website.
Click on the "shop" button to the right to go to my website.


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May 7, 2020

Snowbound by Moda

Jingle, jingle, jingle....can you hear the sleigh bells?  They are fast approaching!  My new Winter fabric line with Moda will be shipping to stores in June 2020 and I want to give you a little sneak peek.

Shades of light neutrals, black, and a brilliant red!   
The panel features 8 little snowmen and snow-women.  I have to admit, these are my favorite things in the world to draw.
What starts with a pen and ink drawing, Moda translates into beautiful fabric.

Coachhouse Designs created these wonderful patterns to go with the fabric line -
Snowfall and Snow!
This is Snowfall Daybreak

I designed a small wallhanging featuring, what else, lots of snowmen!!!

This pattern is called Frosty & Friends and it only takes 1 charm pack of the Snowbound fabric.  The background fabric is a Moda Basic, Marbled Flannel Jet Black.  

Using a fusible web to applique the pieces,  this is a fun and easy project.  With only a few basic embroidery stitches it's a great take-along project.  

Snowbound GIVE AWAY!  I can't wait to share this wintery fabric with you!

If you love a little embroidery you might like to join my One Stitch at a Time embroidery club.
On the 1st of every month, you will receive a PDF design to print out and stitch up.  There is also a helpful YouTube video to go over stitches, hints, and ideas.  
Best of all we have a wonderful private Facebook group to share your finished pieces and cheer each other on!  Oh, did I mention there are monthly prizes too?  We also are doing a Quilt Challenge.  I have provided a free Quilt Layout pattern, but you are free to design your own as well.   Here is a sampling of some of the past designs -
These past designs are all available for individual purchase also on my website HERE, and members receive a coupon code to purchase any of the older patterns at a discount!  

One of the things I like to do every month is to show an alternate way to stitch up the design.  Here is an example where I showed the design stitched with one color of thread and then again coloring it in colored pencils and using colored flosses. 

Here is another example of the options I share -

Join anytime, cancel anytime!

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April 17, 2020

High Park Farm snap pouch

The only thing more fun than snapping this pouch open is creating it!  During these "homebound" days I've been trying my best to keep my mind occupied with fun, hopeful and pleasant thoughts and pursuits. Sorting and arranging my fabric stash was part of the fun in designing this new project.  I knew I wanted to make as many kits as I could with what I had on hand.  It led to this scrappy pouch and I'm tickled with how it turned out!  Plus I've made lots of room on my shelves for more fabric!
High Park Farm pattern - HERE (within US)
 PDF pattern for International sales available HERE

The first step is to trace the applique shapes onto fusible web.  My favorite lightweight fusible is Flexi Fuse.  I can draw on the paper side with any type of tool, it holds my fabric pieces in place really well, and it's easy to stitch through.
Adhere the fusible web to the back of the fabrics you are going to use and then cut out the shapes.
These KAI miro-serrated scissors make cutting out applique shapes a snap!  Those tiny little teeth grip the fabric and I can easily cut out small circles.  

There is minimal embroidery on this project.  The initial stitching will be a few of the main stems and it's easy to follow the diagram in the pattern.  Once those stems are stitched, the placement of the applique pieces is pretty straight forward.  Then it's a bit of quick stitching.  Most of the pieces are stitched using a running stitch with the berries sewn on using a whip stitch and a French knot. 
When the stitching complete, press the piece well and trim it to size.
Sew on the accent strip to the bottom
Sew the strips together that will make up the rest of the pouch.  

Then sew this to the bottom of the accent strip and the outside of the pouch is ready to quilt.
I marked my quilting lines using a Pilot FriXion pen.  I love these pens for tracing my embroidery designs and quilting lines.  The only caution I would share is if you use it on dark fabrics, it might leave a white line once it is ironed.  Test your fabrics before you commit!
These lines are a diamond cross-hatch 1/2" apart
On the top part of the pouch, I used an ecru sewing thread to quilt.
For the rest of the pouch, I used the Valdani 12wt pearl cotton that I also used for the embroidery.
Originally I had sewn in this cute piece of ribbon, but I found out that it doesn't like a hot iron, oh well!  I took it out and replaced it with some black grosgrain ribbon and a red wooden bead.  I like this better anyway!
The lining is sewn on at the two ends.  Because it is longer than the outside of the pouch, it will fold over to the front to form the casing.
This gets pressed and then topstitched to form the casing.

This pouch measures 8" x 8 1/2" so it's just the right size to store a small stitching project.
Do you have a tape measure in a drawer somewhere in the garage?  Would anyone really miss 16"?

High Park Farm pattern is available HERE (US)
International PDF pattern is available HERE

If you are wondering about the name of this pattern, it is a nod to the Beatles song Blackbird.  I read somewhere that Paul McCartney wrote it on a farm in Scotland.  The name of the farm was High Park Farm.

Happy Stitching!

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March 26, 2020

Make Do Needle Case

While staying home I've been trying to find fun and creative ways to fill my time.  Looking around at all of the things around my home that I could repurpose I knew I wanted to do something with empty TP rolls!  
This is my Make Do Needle Case 

 While traveling through France many years ago, I picked up all sorts of ephemera and I thought this would be a good time to pull them out and make use of them.  I have made a printout for you to use to create this little needle case too!

1. You will need two empty TP rolls.  
Flatten the rolls.  On one end of one of the rolls measure down 1/2".  Using a small round object, I used the top of a pill bottle, trace a curve, centered side to side.  Cut the curve out through both the front and back of the flattened cardboard tube.

2.  From the second tube cut a piece that is 1" narrower and 1" shorter than the 
first tube.

3. Print out the background page (link at the end of post) onto regular paper. Spread a thin layer of
glue on one side of the flattend cardboard tube.  Place it on the backside
of the printout 1/2" from the top and centered side to side. 

 4. Spread a thin layer of glue on the other side of the tube and wrap the printout
around to the back and glue where it overlaps. Make cuts where indicated by the red lines
on the printout pattern.
Fold the extra printout paper at the top to the inside and the tube and 
glue in place.  • Fold the bottom flap of printout paper to the backside
and glue in place.  This will form an envelope of the tube

5. Add a light layer of Mod Podge on the exterior, front and back. Regular white Elmer's glue will also work.

  6. Cut two pieces of lightweight batting slightly smaller than the
second cut piece of the TP tube. Cut two pieces of wool 1/2" wider and longer than the first
tube's measurements.  Sandwich the second piece of cardboard between the batting and wool.
Using a sewing machine sew around the edge of the cardboard. *You can
feel the edge.  If you happen to stitch a little bit through the cardboard that's
all right.  

  7. Trim the extra wool using pinking shears leaving a scant 1/4" from
the stitching.

8. Insert the wool covered cardboard into the paper covered case.

Make one for yourself and one for a friend!
Share pictures of your finished Needle Case and post them on Instagram #KathySchmitzStitches

Please follow me on Instagram - @KathySchmitzStitch
and watch my tutorial videos on YouTube - To the Point with Kathy Schmitz

Happy Stitching!

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Honey Bee

This is Honey, a quilter's friend!  I painted her years ago and decided now was a great time to make her into a paper doll to share with you all.
Remember making paper dolls?  Remember Flat Stanley?  Honey will bring back all of those fun childhood memories.  Print her out for FREE, cut her out and she will keep you company in your sewing room.  Take a picture and post it on IG #HoneyQuilts and see all of the places she has flown all over the world!


I hope you all are well and staying safe!

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March 9, 2020

Picture This - A complimentary pattern for the Picture Perfect book

Picture This wallhanging pattern uses the embroidery designs from the Picture Perfect book and a FREE wallhanging setting pattern.
Are you ready to stitch up another project using the embroidery designs from the Picture Perfect book?  I designed a small wallhanging (21" x 29") using all 16 of the embroidery designs!  This wallhanging setting pattern is free for you.


It's always better when we stitch together, right?  I have made video tutorials so you can follow along as I stitch and piece this project together.  You can watch the videos over on my YouTube channel -


The first thing you will need is your own copy of the Picture Perfect book.
Then download the Picture This wallhanging setting pattern for FREE - HERE
Once you have your supplies, pop on over to YouTube for helpful tutorial videos HERE
Picture This Tutorial #1 goes over all of the prep work...

Picture This Tutorial #2 goes over the different embroidery stitches used throughout the book...

Picture This Tutorial #3 goes over piecing the wallhanging!

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February 21, 2020

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect is my newest book with Martingale and it's loaded with 16 little embroidery designs to stitch up and use in a variety of projects.
The book offers several ways to use the finished embroidery designs including mats to frame - right in the book!  

If you have the book Picture Perfect and you are looking for another project, I think I might have something for you!  I have designed a small wallhanging using all 16 of the designs from the book.  This time, I'm also adding just a touch of fused applique.  The picture at the top shows one of the blocks with the applique.
I will be doing a YouTube tutorial video so that you can stitch along with me if you like! 
The stitch along will begin in early March on YouTube - To the Point with Kathy Schmitz.  Here is a list of what you will need if you want to join along -

1. Picture Perfect book

2. Light-colored fabric for embroidery background - 3/4 yard
(the sample was stitched on Moda Home Rice Paper Cream)

3. Medium-colored fabric for applique and piecing - 1/2 yard
(the sample used Moda Home Rice Paper Oat)

4. Dark print for piecing - 2/3 yard (plus + 1/4 yard for binding)

5. Freezer paper for tracing the embroidery design and for applique placement

6. Lightweight fusible web 8" x 10"  (I really like FlexiFuse which I'm hoping to carry on my website soon).

7. 1 skein floss - color to coordinate with your fabrics
(the sample was stitched using 1 strand of DMC black floss)

8. batting

9. lightbox or window

10. Tracing tool - I like to use the Pilot FriXion pen

Hope on over to my YouTube station to subscribe so that you don't miss the stitch along!

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