January 18, 2011

A quick glimspe of the sun

After days of heavy rain, I was so happy to see the sun making an appearance yesterday. I went for a nice long walk through the neighborhood and over to Crystal Springs Garden (sigh). The light was sparkling on the water and the herons and ducks were starved for the attention they usually get in the warmer months. One heron perched about 15 feet from me and I was kicking myself for not bringing my camera along. The mean goose that sometimes frightens me was no where to be found, and the kinder geese kept be company through the park. All in all, it was a great morning. Then it was back to work trying to figure out how to replace the silly handle on the toilet that keeps getting stuck. I know they say the water in the tank is clean, but it still gave me the willies to reach in there.
Today....the rain has returned. I don't mind though. It keeps the NW green and it makes for a great day to build a fire and sit and stitch. I'm working on a snowman embroidery believe it or not!

Something to look forward to - the Moda designers are having a blog hop and sharing pictures and stories (and possibly some patterns) for pillows we each designed. The hop starts on February 1st!
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WoolenSails said...

We got rain all day and with the snow, made a mess.
I can't wait to see the new hop, really enjoyed the last one.


suz said...

I would welcome rain at this point - I'm getting sick of snow already - it snowed last Friday, snowed and iced yesterday, going to snow this Friday and probably will snow next Tuesday! Unfortunately I can't stay home and sew, I have to slog thru this mess - and although my commuter bus trips are long enough for me to get a lot of sewing done, it's not the same as being in my jammies on the sofa! Looking forward to your new snowman!

Low Priced Quilt Fabrics said...

Have fun at the Hop! Beautiful Blog! I'm Blog Hopping Today! So Happy I Found Yours! :)

jill-lifewithaview said...

Wear rubber gloves to put your hands in the"clean" tank!-Makes all the difference!