February 20, 2010


Antique Sampler

Today was a really good day at the TNNA show! It was busy and I met many new shop owners. There are also some great displays here. One of the vendors had a room FULL of antique samplers. Bonnie and I tried not to drool on them. The owners were really great people who have traveled all over the world collecting these wonderful works of art. The shop is called The Needle's Work Antiques. The last picture is a peek inside of our neighbors room, Blackbird Designs. Alma and Barb have been very sweet introducing us to people in this industry.
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1 comment:

Cheryl said...

I love your designs and have made several of them, which now hang in places of honour in my home. I know you'll do great at the show. Hope to see pictures of your side of the room as well!