August 1, 2009


It's time for the Schmitz family reunion! We do this every year and every year it's a whole lot of fun. Throughout the years (Steve and I have been married almost 25 years) I've heard all the stories about him and his siblings growing up. We decided to make a board game for his siblings and parents to play this year. After we collected all the little jokes and stories, my most talented Brother-in-Law Tal, developed them into humurous little rhymes. I made up playing cards with the rhymes and the markers are made using their faces. The handsome young man at the finish line is a college picture of Steve. Here are a few of the rhyms -

Thunder while camping,
can give kids a fright,
so who packed them up,
and drove off in the night?
ANSWER: Steve's brother Bob. I remember that camping trip and the storm was a duzy!

Who had the gear,
around the head,
which made a nice smile,
when going to bed?
ANSWER: Steve's sister Patti

Which of the kids,
do you suppose,
got a big raisin
stuck up a nose?
ANSWER: Patti....

An army man went,
a place most would fear,
who stuck him in
whose delicate ear?
ANSWER: Steve stuck it in Bob's ear

So that gives you a little flavor of the game. I think it will be fun for them all to remember this Schmitz family lore!
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Monica said...

How clever! And what a nice keepsake for the family! I wonder who will win?