July 29, 2009


9:00am and it's almost 90. Yesterday was 106 and today will be hotter. My sweet little brick house is now a brick oven and I could become a pizza chef. The quaint old boiler that keeps it toasty in the winter means there is no duct work. Not duct work.....no AC. I'm not a happy camper and Zippy the cat isn't so zippy these days. I decided I needed to draw something COLD today. It actually made me feel a little better with each snowflake added. Hope you like it!
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Carrie said...

Like the doodle? LOVE the doodle! Your little chalkboard doodles are the highlight of my day... right up until I think about how totally impossible it would be for me to recreate something like that.

Kathy, you really are that rare combination of skill and talent. You get a picture in your mind and then you know how to execute it. This new frosty scene and the sunflower that preceded it are amazing. (Kind of seems a shame to have simply erased the sunflower.) And, yes, I loved the first two chalkboard doodles too.

Here's hoping that your frosty scene will help you and the not-so-zippy-Zipster find a cool state of mind. :)

And if it makes you feel any better, it was still 100 degrees when I went to bed last night a little after midnight. And it's already 104 here now.

Unknown said...

The Brrrrr doodle is wonderdul....and I am blowing cooler temps your way!!

Melody said...

That is it. You and Carrie need to come back to Western PA for a visit until the snow flies! It may be raining buckets here right now but at least we are only in the seventies. Wish I could send you girls some cool breezes or at least some rain!

I love the doodle I think you should sell it as a pattern for those of us who cannot doodle such lovely things!

When I still lived in the Wild Wild West. I would keep a spray bottle nearby and mist myself in front of a fan at night when I had no AC. I also carried around those spray cans of Evian water. It helped when getting into my very hot car.

WoolenSails said...

I would die in those temps, no way could I not have air and still be awake;)


Bronwyn said...

As we chill here in Australia and I am wanting some warmer weather, maybe not that warm. Our last summer we had temps in the high 40's (F) 120(C) How soon we forget this when things cool down. Love the chalk board doodle.It is very inspiring I usually just write on the chalkboard at work.

Michelle said...

We also had only radiator heat, no AC until last year... we invested in a space pak system and don't regret it. Every year we would put in 3 or 4 window air conditioners, and every year they got heavier and heavier.With the space pak system they run small flexible ducts, air is forced out small holes.. ours are in the floor, some houses have them in the ceiling its different then regular forced air systems. Its a great option for those of us who have hot water heat. Love following your blog hope it cools off for you soon!