September 4, 2009


Holy Moly time does fly!!! I have been super busy getting patterns ready for the upcoming Quilt Market in Houston. I'll finish one and I know I should stop, but then I have an idea for another pattern and I think, "well...just one more". However, as much as I love to do the embroidery, I sometimes forget how long it takes to actually write up the directions and get everything print ready. I'm really excited to be using some wonderful floss by Weeks Dye Works. Yummy colors! I'm expanding my horizons and using some color in a couple of patterns. I'm hoping to have all the new patterns up on my website by the end of the month - I'm crossing my fingers!

I love getting photos from people who have stitched up one of my patterns. I met Kathleen at a class and she was kind enough to share some of her finished pieces and I wanted to share one with you. Thanks Kathleen!
On another note.....
I have a question I want to throw out there -
My sister, Bonnie, and I are tinkering around with the idea of putting on a retreat. If you don't know, my sister Bonnie is Bonnie Sullivan of All Through the Night. Yes, very talented. We've actually been talking about it for a couple of years, but we are at a point now where we are looking at our calendars and locations to make this happen. I would love to hear feedback on what you like, didn't like, wish for, etc from any retreats you have been on. Do you like the room and board to be included or would you rather pick your own place to stay and just pay for the classes alone. Do you like the Oregon Coast, Sellwood antique district in Portland....any ideas?
Thank you for letting me pick your brains!
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Melody said...

What a great idea! I would be interested in coming to your retreat! I could go either way. I like staying in Hotels and B&B's and I have a brother in Portland and he has a vacation place on the coast too! (How was that for a run on sentence.)

WoolenSails said...

It sounds like a perfect place for a retreat. I have never gone on one, I don't sit still too well, lol. If I was there, I would want to be in my kayak all day and biking in the hills;) My ideal would be fun during the day and retreat at night.


Kathleen said...

A retreat would be a TERRIFIC idea! I know of a super place in the mountains out of The Dalles ~ they could accomodate easily 10-15 ladies. They have a movie theatre, places to stitch, lots of big comfy beds. But ~ something in the Portland/Metro area or at the beach would be great too!!

Can hardly wait to get the latest "Kathy Schmitz" piece done. It's in process as I write this.


Lorraine said... I am green with envy!! A retreat....although I have no chance of being there I will give you my opinion anyway...LOL....I have been on several retreats and if there are rooms available at the venue I think that is the way to go....nice to sit and stitch and be able and carry on with the fun of the day.....and not have to travel to and from accommodation....I am sure you will have a wonderful time...lucky ducks!

Kim said...

I love the idea of a retreat! Your my favorite fabric designer!! I live in Canada and would love to attend. I like the idea of everything being at one location!

Kathleen said...

Me again ~ Reading all the wonderful comments on a retreat has really got my mind rolling! The awesome place I mentioned out of The Dalles has a huge kitchen, but we would have to cater food or make it ourselves (which could be fun). So, depending on what the gals want ~ we might want a B&B or something where food is provided or nearby.

The Dalles home (yes, a private home over 10,000 sq. ft. out in the woods on 100 acres) is a place like no other ~ with sweeping views of Mt. Hood ~ and deer & critters all around. Stone showers, a copper cowboy sitting tub from France ~ even a massage table for massages ~ BUT, they only provide the place. So ~ even though this sounds wonderful ~ it might not work.

Anyway, keep "thinking" gals, and pretty soon we'll have a place, a date ~ and off we go!