July 27, 2009


It is hot. It is really hot. Tomorrow it will be even hotter. Did I mention it is hot? Oregon shouldn't get this hot. It's really hot.
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Unknown said...

We have been cool here on the East coast until this week...now it is just oppressive. BUT...I am happily playing with tons of Holly Jolly Snowmen and that is making my happy, happy, happy. I just love this line of fabric.

Lorraine said...

Hi Kathy.....just wondering what the weather was like where you are.....hot?? LOL.....I am enjoying every minute of fog/rain/frost that winter can throw at me over here......I am a winter girl...the heat of summer will be here soon enough...and by then you will be enjoying winter!

little acorns said...

Hot here too . . . in AZ. . . but then it's supposed to be. Sigh. I'm just stayin' inside & stitching. At least for that!
xo, Bren
(love the sunflower. . . )

Melody said...

This one is my fav, so far.

sewprimitive karen said...

I had no idea it ever got into the 90s in Oregon. Hope it ends soon for you.