May 11, 2021

Tiny Treasures - Frame It!

Looking for another way to use the designs from the Tiny Treasures book?
Frame them!
I'm always on the hunt for little frames so I actually had two of these in my stash already. 
Get creative with the designs!

• For the smallest one, I used design #59 just as it is found in the book. I used the Valdani thread colors listed in the book and I stitched it on Moda Mochi Linen Unbleached.

•The medium size one uses design #42.  With the size of this frame, I decided to add and repeat some of the design elements to fill the area in.  This was stitched using Valdani 12wt pearl cotton Withered Blue P7 on Moda Mochi Linen.

• The largest frame allowed for some fun additions.  I wanted to come up with something that would be cute in a nursery so I chose four images that had short names to write - #2, #22, #49, and #58.
I used the Valdani colors listed in the book and stitched this on Moda Crackle Linen (color).
I also decided to quilt this one with a crosshatch diamond set 1/2" apart.  

Here's how I framed them -
Along with the frames, I used a thick backing board, like a matt board, and batting.

Cut the backing board the same size as the frame opening.

Cut a piece of batting the same size as the backing board.
Cut the embroidery fabric 2" larger so that it can be wrapped around to the back.

I found it helpful to use a bit of spray adhesive to hold the batting to the backing board.  Then I gave the batting a slight spray and centered the embroidery on top.

On the backside of the embroidery I used long stitches, side to side, to pull the fabric taught.

Then make large stitched going the other direction folding the corners in neatly.

This was a snug fit so there wasn't a need to secure it in the back, but you can.
At this point, you can call it good or you can cover the back with another piece of the backing board.

Thinking about framing a design or two?  I would love to see your finished projects.  If you post them on social media please tag me!

Happy Stitching!

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kathiquilts said...

YEAH!!!!! Finally, a really great way to use up my stash of small frames -- bought at a quilt shop YEARS ago with no purpose in mind but too sweet to pass up and patiently waiting for their turn to be used for needle art! Thank you Kathy!

JamesF Jones said...
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