May 7, 2010


This little booklet has 10 monogram surrounds and 1 alphabet. These surrounds can be embroidered on tea towels, pillowcases or anywhere you need to add a little something.
I have a hard time remembering birthdays and I really needed a little book where I could keep track of all of these special dates. This book, Special Days, has a watercolor picture and a quilt block for each month and plenty of room to write names and dates so you'll never forget a birthday or anniversary again! Click on the pictures to enlarge them.
The Winsome Wreaths embroidery quilt pattern was so much fun to make, I wanted to continue with the fun! Above is an example for the month of February. Each pattern has a 4" x 6" watercolor print on the back side, ready to frame. And once you have the Winsome Wreath embroidery pattern, I thought it would be a great idea to give you a fun companion project to use it on also. For February, the project is to use the February embroidery pattern and make it into a hanging fabric "envelope" to fill with love notes for your sweetheart! Each month has a different project - March is a pincushion, May is a nosegay, July is a hanging banner and so on.
The Winsome Wreaths Companion Projects will only be available as a project of the month from shops that carry the Winsome Wreaths pattern. I'm heading to Quilt Market on the 20th of the month. If your local shop is going to Quilt Market, ask them to stop by my booth to see everything that's new!

Boy howdy have I been busy! I've been having so much fun making LOTS of new patterns! Yesterday my Mom came to my house and we worked like crazy making the quilt (above) Sweet Home Road. I designed the pattern for my new flannel line with Moda that will be coming out this fall. Since I don't have the actual flannel fabric yet, I made it out of lots of Crackle and other fabrics similar in design and color to the flannels. Hope you like it! The pattern will be ready with the flannel this fall. Mom and I made this quilt in 1, very long, day! (Those are my sweet Mom's fingers holding up the quilt)
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WoolenSails said...

Love your new designs. I won your bird design and had never done stitchery. Now I am getting into stitchery, so I can make that as gifts this year.


Robyn Johnson said...

I just love your new stuff are amazing

Diane H said...

You have been busy - great stuff!

Carrie said...

I love the quilt! It's gorgeous! It's terrific! Dang it... now I'm going to have to learn something new! Ack! This means I might have to get a real job... :)

See you in Minneapolis! By the way, are you committed to the Moda thing on Friday night or do you want to bail and have dinner with Monique and me. What about Bonnie? I know... Monique is your favorite so you really just want to visit with her... don't worry, I'll get over it.

:::sniff sniff:::

Minick and Simpson said...

I am nuts about your new quilt - good job you and Mom!! Looking forward to seeing you and all that is new - also like the sound of your book for dates - major problem here. I have a good suggestion though for those buying the book. When we gather as a family - I have everyone write in their special in their writing - then when day comes, even more special.
See you

Anonymous said...

Kathy, first of all let me say I LOVE your patterns! I found the new monogram book online and couldnt' wait to get it home. It arrived last night. I love it! But the letters are backwards. I can't work backwards. It is to much for my brain to wrap around. Any ideas how to make them the way we read them? Thanks in advance Lizzie