June 13, 2009


Productive procrastination is a term I learned from my sister, Ann, and I have become a master at it! It is when there is something that needs to get done, but your heart isn't really in it, so you put all your energy into doing ANYTHING else. This way you do get things accomplished, just not the one thing you SHOULD get accomplished. I NEED to clean up and organize my MESS of a studio, but instead, I've finished our main floor bathroom and hung pictures around the house. When we bought our house the bathroom was original (1930) with lots of cracked and worn yellow and green tiles. This might not have been quite so bad if we were University of Oregon fans, but we are Beaver Believers - OSU - and orange and black are our colors (not that I would consider an orange and black theme in the bathroom). I hope you enjoy the before and afters of the bathroom and some shots of the kitchen and back porch (with Molly the cat).
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WoolenSails said...

Love the funky bathroom before too;)
You did a beautiful job on the new look and love how the tub sits in a walled area.


Linda said...

Hi Kathy,
"Productive procrastination" - describes me perfectly....I do it all the time! Love your bathroom....much nicer than those tiles. Hope you manage to clean up your studio one day.
Linda from Australia

Lizzy said...

Oh my gosh! How beautiful! Will you come do my bathroom too? ;-)

little acorns said...

Oh . . . I'm so good at 'productive procrastination' - I'm going to have to remember that term!
I LOVE your updates. . . especially the bead-board in the bath. . . I'd been thinking about that. . . & now I know I want to do it! Thanks for sharing all the photos - your home looks lovely!!
xo, Bren

Jodi Nelson said...

FABULOUS!!!! Wow, what a great transformation. Love it. ooxx`jodi

Shontelle said...

Your bathroom renovation looks fabulous. I love how the bath is in a little nook. It must be great to hide in there with a book and a glass of champagne!