February 18, 2009

I am SO excited to finally be moving into my new home! I have taken some before and after pictures and these are of the dining room. The walls were a yellow wallpaper, about the same color as the ceiling. It was bright and cheery, but I wanted go another direction and soften it up. It's pretty much the only room that's unpacked, I really needed to have at least one room that was finished. We have spent the past month and a half, refinishing the hardwood floors, painting almost every surface, stripping wallpaper, ripping out carpet and remodeling one of the original bathrooms. The garden is slowly coming to life as the days get warmer and what a garden it is! The previous owner was an exceptional gardener and I am still learning what most of the plants are. There is a sweet little water feature and beautiful pathways. I haven't gardened in years because our last house was built on what appeared to be a pile of clay and there were only 3 kinds of plants that would grow - of course it could have also been my lack of a green thumb, but I am determined to prove that theory wrong! As I get more rooms put together, I'll add them to the blog. I hope you like them! Back to the boxes!
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lissa said...

yippee!!I can't wait to see.

little acorns said...

Hi Kathy! I'm so excited for you & your 'new' house!
I know that you are probably exhausted(!) - but it's that good kind of tired. . . knowing you are making great changes. I will look forward to seeing the room finishes. . . & will be thinking of the updates I need to start doing to my home! yikes!
xo, Bren