February 4, 2009


My mom helped me design this quilt using the Moda fabric line GLORY! The pattern uses one of the panels in the line and several coordinates. I hope you like it! The pattern is a free-be and I am happy to share it. Just click on GLORY!

I am constantly amazed and honored by the young men and women who are putting their lives on the line for us. Having two youngish sons (19 and 21) in college, my concerned for them are their grades and if they might be having too much "fun" on the weekends. I cannot even imagine what parents of sons and daughters fighting for our Country worry about. I am very grateful for all of our service men and women. Thank you, keep safe and come home.
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The Quilt Shoppe said...

Kathy -

Your new "Glory!" line is absolutely gorgeous. We have just received the entire collection along with all the cut pieces. This group of prints is such a wonderful representation of our proud heritage. Congratulations!

And I love the simple, yet elegant quilt that you and your mother designed. I'll be sure to let all my customers know that they can get the pattern from you.

Thanks again for another wonderful collection.


Craftyme said...

What a beautiful job you gays did.
Debbie NY

Anonymous said...

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