February 9, 2020

My Valentine's

Recently, while getting lost in the depths of Pinterest, I came across the most wonderful woven paper hearts.  Some of them were so intricate they were almost lace-like.  I thought it would be fun to design my own, on a much simpler scale, and share it with you!  Remember playing with paper dolls?  It's almost like that.  We get to cut paper shapes and weave them together, how fun!

From my heart to yours!

Print out the paper page here - KATHY'S VALENTINE HEART
(I printed mine on regular inkjet printer paper)

It's a pretty simple little project.  Here are the steps -
Cut out the heart and hand

Fold them in half as shown

Line up the heart on top of the hand, over the fold.  Place the heart pointing down.  Match up the rounded part of the heart with the dots on the hand.  Cut the 3 slits through both the heart and hand.

Place the heart on the hand pointing up and weave the slits in the hand through the slits in the heart.

This part might be a bit tricky.  Using something like a large pin, pull the points of the heart through to the top.

You did it!
Share this little bit of love with your loved one this Valentine's day.


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