June 25, 2021



Ready to stitch the Birch Lane table runner?  Great!  Let's begin!
Most of the stitches used on the Birch Lane Table runner are pretty basic -
stem stitch, straight stitch, whip stitch, running stitch, lazy daisy, and the herringbone stitch.
The herringbone might be the most intimidating if you haven't done it before, but once you get it down, it will be a favorite!

                  Follow along with my YouTube tutorial - To the Point With Kathy Schmitz

The first stitch I'll go over is the whip stitch. This is used to stitch down the birds, the bird's tails, and the cherries.


 The bird's beaks are satin stitched.

 The bird's heads are filled in with a running stitch.

The wings are done with a fly stitch.

The leaves have a stem stitch going straight down the center with diagonal straight stitches as the veins.

The cherries are topped off with lazy daisy stitches
and the cherry stems are stem stitched.

The final stitch I'll show you in the video tutorial is the herringbone stitch.

Hop on over to YouTube to learn all of these stitches!

I would LOVE to see your finished table runner!  If you post a picture on social media please tag me so I won't miss it.
Instagram - @KathySchmitzStitches
Facebook - Kathy Schmitz

Happy Stitching!

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