October 12, 2020

Snowdrift Table Runner - Snowflake #11

A Blanket of White

Snowman joke -
Where do snowmen keep their money?
In a Snow Bank

 Snowflake #11

We are getting closer to the end!  I love seeing the pictures you are posting on Instagram and Facebook!  

Using simple stitches, adding buttons, and beads, this a pretty quick snowflake to stitch up.
The first step is to whip stitch the small circle to the medium circle using the Sulky 12wt thread.
  Then embroider these two before stitching them onto the large circle.  

If you look closely at my snowflake it's pretty obvious that my stitches are not uniform and that's perfectly OK!  Nothing in nature is perfect so my stitching isn't either.  There isn't a need to trace the design.  These are simple enough to eyeball.  If you feel you need a little help, you can use a Pilot FriXion pen which will disappear with the heat of an iron or another type of temporary marking tool. 

Click HERE to download the pattern

Please visit the previous blog posts for the initial instructions, the supply list, and the previous snowflake patterns.

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