August 31, 2020

Snowdrift Table Runner - Snowflake #5

Let it snow!

Snowflake joke -
What is a snowflake's school grade based on?
Class precipitation. 

Snowflake #5

Using simple stitches, adding buttons and beads, this a pretty quick snowflake to stitch up.
The first step is to whip stitch the small circle to the medium circle using the Sulky 12wt thread.
  Then embroider these two before stitching them onto the large circle.  

If you look closely at my snowflake it's pretty obvious that my stitches are not uniform and that's perfectly OK!  Nothing in nature is perfect so my stitching isn't either.  There isn't a need to trace the design.  These are simple enough to eyeball.  If you feel you need a little help, you can use a Pilot FriXion pen which will disappear with the heat of an iron or another type of temporary marking tool. 

Click HERE to download the snowflake pattern

Please visit the previous blog posts for the initial instructions, the supply list, and the previous snowflake patterns.

Share a close up of your snowflake on Instagram with #SnowdriftTableRunner and tag me!


Extra wool? 

I've been busy designing these little Snow Cones as a way to use up extra wool, beads, vintage buttons, and Christmas ephemera.  The pattern will include a 4" x 6" color card with 12 little Christmas images.  Cut them out, add a touch of Elmer's® Glitter Glue, and they look awesome peeking out of the cone along with greens, berries, candy canes, and more. 
The pattern is called Snow Cones and will be available for purchase in the near future!

There will be kits of the "stuffing" goodies -
red glitter berries, chenille stem candy canes, metal snowflake and star charms, artificial greens, a wooden glitter reindeer, miniature Christmas bulbs, 6 aged jingle bells.  There will be enough in the kit to fill 6 cones.
I will give you a heads up before I post the kits on my website as there will only be 50 kits available.

In the meantime, here are a few places you can find the Elmer's Glitter Glue 

The gorgeous cording I made myself!
 It's simple and fun using the Kreinik Custom Corner. 
 It turns simple DMC floss into pretty cording fast.

The Kreinik Custom Corder is available HERE
DMC Ecru floss available HERE
*1 skein will create enough cording for 3 cones.

Want to "age" your own jingle bells?  I'll show you how in next week's post.

Happy Stitching!


  1. This sounds like such fun. Thanks, Kathy. Will look forward to more information later . . .

  2. Lovin' the snowflakes! Thank you!


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