May 28, 2020

FREE stitch along table runner pattern!

Snowdrift is coming your way!  
Let's stitch up a wintery table runner together. 
On July 13th I will post the initial assembly directions for the table runner base.
The snowflake patterns will then be made available starting Monday starting on August 3rd through October 26th.

Snowdrift table runner measures 12 1/2" x 20 1/2"
The large circles measure 4" across
There is a total of 12 different snowflake embroidery designs

If you are interested in joining this free stitch along, here is a list of things you will need:

•ivory colored Felted Wool 26" x 26"
or 1/2 yard approximately 25" x 32"*
*In total, you will need one piece 14" x 22" for the backing and additional wool for the circles - 11 - 4" circles, 11 - 2 1/2" circles, and 19 - 1 1/2" circles 
*felted wool is wool that has been washed in hot and dried on high to shrink the fibers. There will be substantial shrinkage when felting the wool. Purchase enough wool to allow for the shrinkage.

26" x 26"

Valdani 12wt pearl cotton - 1 ball Wheat Husk O514

•Sulky 12wt thread deep ecru - 1 petite 50yd spool
*or any heavier thread in a color to match your wool

•1/2" ivory-colored buttons - 11 
*or a mix of antique ivory colored buttons 

ivory seed beads - about 100

•deep ecru chenille yarn trim - 2 yards

•freezer paper for circle template

If you need any of these items, most are available on my website.
Click on the "shop" button to the right to go to my website.



  1. I've marked my calendar twice! But I'm trying to squirrel away some supplies! I've yet to get "in" on a kit release.
    Thank you for doing this, it's so tranquil and elegant
    aka Babs from Babs and Coco's Tea Emporium days...

  2. Thanks Barbara! I'm so happy you will be stitching it up! I really enjoyed the processa and I had so much fun creating these snowflakes that I'm going to make some snowflake ornaments with the designs too! I'll post pictures when I do.

  3. I can't wait to get my hands on this project! I was so happy to get a sneak peak at it during your recent video of your new fabric line and studio! I really enjoyed the quick glimpse out the window of your garden......I really miss Oregon where I was born and grew up!

    Thank you so much for all you do everyday for everyone else, the projects, the ideas, the tips and designs....It appreciated more than you know by the people you touch!


  4. Really like your new Christmas / Holiday runner hopefully I will be able to order a kit on Mon.
    I am presuming on your website.
    Thank you for all you do for us.
    Be safe..
    Ellen Turner

  5. I am looking forward to this stitch a long I love the look of this runner and can't wait to get started.

  6. I absolutely love this!! Just ordered my kit and look forward to this beautiful stitch along.


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