March 26, 2020

Make Do Needle Case

While staying home I've been trying to find fun and creative ways to fill my time.  Looking around at all of the things around my home that I could repurpose I knew I wanted to do something with empty TP rolls!  
This is my Make Do Needle Case 

 While traveling through France many years ago, I picked up all sorts of ephemera and I thought this would be a good time to pull them out and make use of them.  I have made a printout for you to use to create this little needle case too!

1. You will need two empty TP rolls.  
Flatten the rolls.  On one end of one of the rolls measure down 1/2".  Using a small round object, I used the top of a pill bottle, trace a curve, centered side to side.  Cut the curve out through both the front and back of the flattened cardboard tube.

2.  From the second tube cut a piece that is 1" narrower and 1" shorter than the 
first tube.

3. Print out the background page (link at the end of post) onto regular paper. Spread a thin layer of
glue on one side of the flattend cardboard tube.  Place it on the backside
of the printout 1/2" from the top and centered side to side. 

 4. Spread a thin layer of glue on the other side of the tube and wrap the printout
around to the back and glue where it overlaps. Make cuts where indicated by the red lines
on the printout pattern.
Fold the extra printout paper at the top to the inside and the tube and 
glue in place.  • Fold the bottom flap of printout paper to the backside
and glue in place.  This will form an envelope of the tube

5. Add a light layer of Mod Podge on the exterior, front and back. Regular white Elmer's glue will also work.

  6. Cut two pieces of lightweight batting slightly smaller than the
second cut piece of the TP tube. Cut two pieces of wool 1/2" wider and longer than the first
tube's measurements.  Sandwich the second piece of cardboard between the batting and wool.
Using a sewing machine sew around the edge of the cardboard. *You can
feel the edge.  If you happen to stitch a little bit through the cardboard that's
all right.  

  7. Trim the extra wool using pinking shears leaving a scant 1/4" from
the stitching.

8. Insert the wool covered cardboard into the paper covered case.

Make one for yourself and one for a friend!
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Happy Stitching!

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