September 25, 2015

My Little Patterns

Little, Little, Little!  Anything tiny has my attention!  I don't know what it is about miniature things, but I've always loved them.  I just finished up 4 new little quilt patterns each measuring about 16" x 19".  They were so much fun to do and the piecing was pretty quick. The little embroidery pieces measure just 3" square.
The first one is called My Little Garden.  There are 12 embroidery images all with a garden theme including a cat with a birdie friend...
KS-1519 My Little Garden
 My Little Home has 12 embroidery images about all things heart and home
KS-1520 My Little Home     
My Little Stitches has 12 embroidery designs showing my love of the needle and thread
KS-1521 My Little Stitches
My Little Year - January through December through pictures!
KS-1522 My Little Year
Once you've embroidered all of these little cuties once I'm sure you'll want to do it again, right?
In each of the above patterns there is also a pattern to make the combined quiltlet My Favorite Little Things. (measures 28" x 36"). 
My Favorite Little Things
Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Do one or do all four?  These patterns are ready as PDF digital downloads now or put your order in for the first shipment of paper patterns scheduled to go out mid October.
For my friends in other Countries these patterns may be purchased as PDF digital downloads from my Etsy Shop.

For my favorite shops that might be interested in carrying these patterns, but aren't sure you have time to do the embroidery....I have a little something just for you on my website.  "Cheater" embroidery blocks will be available to you for your shop sample.  Click HERE for more info.
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WoolenSails said...

I saw your new designs, I like working in mini too and those are wonderful new patterns to do.


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Gosh!! LOVE LOVE! Really cute!

Me and My Stitches said...

Love them all!

Susie H said...

Your patterns are the best! I love them all!!! I've done several in the past and have several patterns yet to complete. Keep up the good work! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Julierose said...

I just ordered your Welcome Home pattern--saw it on Happy Appliquer and loved it...great stuff, thanks, Hugs, julierose

Unknown said...

that was cool pattern i like it

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Chelseayhun said...

those pattern was amazing i like it

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These patches are so adorable, intricate and beautiful!

Unknown said...

did you create that pattern? may i know how do you create that?

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HannahWinslett said...

that pattern are so unique and beautiful

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Anonymous said...

that was truly fascinating

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It takes perseverance to make this, and you've got it.

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That's hard to do

1A Garage Doors said...

Wow! You're great in creating this.

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Cool! I like the designs.

Ashley Dalton said...

Wow! Looks amazing mini designs. Patterns are great too! Keep it up.. Thanks for sharing this.

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Ulrich Rocha said...

Nice prints and designs. Fun to see this.

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I found this Top Notch Shoretel Support said...

I've tried making one but fails. Will try again.

Digium Switchvox Phones said...

I think you can also create one for Valentine's day.

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Nice designs.

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