January 31, 2014


I'm really wishing love was all it took to stay warm!  Our boiler malfunctioned and died 3 weeks ago and even though Steve and I love each other very much we have been without heat ever since.  I've learned that boilers are manufactured on the East coast - a LONG way from here.  Luckily the weather in Oregon has been pretty mild lately.  It turns out the boiler was original to the house (1930) and it had a good long life.  It really went out with a bang though; water from every radiator in the house ....  in the middle of the night.  By the time we realized what had happened we had of water damage in almost every room.  I'm usually at home alone with my cat Molly during the day, but I've had a troup of men in and out of the house over the weeks.  They've all been very nice and worked hard to clean up and fix the mess.  Thank goodness for insurance!  After all of these years paying for it, it's a relief to know we were really in good hands with Allstate. They really came through for us. 

Piecemakers fabric is now in stores!  Yippee!  Look for it at your local shop the next time you're out and about.
Be ready for the Moda designer's next blog hop, SPELL IT WITH FABRIC, starting February 17th.  For details click HERE.

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WoolenSails said...

That does not sound like a fun thing to deal with. We had a pipe burst this year, and of course it was one that was outside, coming in, so no quick fix, had to dig up the yard to get a new one put in.


Robyn of Robyns Nest said...

Gee you've had a tough time, I hope with all of those the men in your house that there was at least one cute one!You could have come & stayed with me, we've had 39-43 degrees Celsius (102.2 -109.4 F) and hot northerly winds, which are pretty bad as where I line is a high bushfire area. There now you'll feel better about the cold!
I must admit what we've seen on TV here about the terrible winter, I'm not sure I could decide which would be worse. And yes I've seen your fabric on-line & I've resisted so far (not for long though) I promised myself I'd complete a couple of my UFO's (your other designs) that have waited to long
ps: love the doodle ;-)

Me and My Stitches said...

That's awful about your house - hope everything is fixed soon! Love the quilts made out of those awesome fabrics!

tlunsford said...

I hope everything works out and gets fixed quickly!