May 19, 2013

Simply Red in the face

Quilt Market is over!  It ended with a beautiful sunny day in Portland, Oregon.  I hope everyone that made the trip to this part of the country enjoyed their stay.  I have some photos to share but I'm partial to close-ups and I didn't realize that ALL of the photos I took were zoomed in pretty tight!  I hope you enjoy them anyway.  To see more pictures I started an Instagram account while at market and I'm so happy that it's such a simple and fun process.  My Instagram account is Kathyschmitzstitches. 

Before I share the photos I need to tell you that I am red in the face.  I am soooooo very sorry, but I do need to point out a small error in the Simply Red book.  The yardage for the red fabric says it includes enough for the binding, but it doesn't.  You will need to add an additional 1/2 yard.  I am busy putting stickers in the rest of the books.  My sincerest apologies.

Laundry Basket Quilts

Pieces From My Heart

Primitive Gatherings

Thimble Blossoms

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Victoria M. said...

Your book is gorgeous. Don't worry about the error. You've found it and corrected it, that's all that matters. I've had to write some short articles from time to time and know how hard it is to make sure there are no mistakes. I can't imagine how tricky that must be for a whole book.

Bev said...

Interesting. From what you've shown, there is a lot more black in the colors. Don't worry about the yardage. Do you know any quilters who don't buy more than they need? Not many!

Cheery wave from

Lorraine said...

lovely pics! ....I am with Bev....most of us buy a little bit more fabric than we need. (Good pick up on the error)

Anna said...

LOL, works for me I already ordered extra fabric! Can't wait to start! I am saving my chocolate bar for the perfect moment!

Digitizing Embroidery said...

Beautiful finish. What a lovable post!

Vivian said...

Hi Kathy, my book just came in the mail (with the correction, thank you very much)! I ordered it as soon as I saw you demo the quilt on the Schoolhouse video on YouTube.

I've been interested in doing a Red & Cream quilt for a long while, am new to applique and wool and have always toyed with the idea of trying Redwork so needless to say I had to have this one! Hoping it won't be too long before I get to try one of your beautiful projects.