April 12, 2012


I finally found a place to hang my bird feeder where I could watch the birds while keeping them safe from my cats; both of whom would survive the hunger games.  I hung this feeder outside of my kitchen window and watched the little chickadees happily munch away.  Then this morning I found this cute critter found it too.  I do like squirrels, I just wish they would stay in the trees and leave my bird feeder for the birds.  I was right on the other side of the window, but skippy (my name for this fellow) didn't appear to be too threatened by me.  Time to move the bird feeder!

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Libby said...

Get yourself a squirt gun, leave the window open and train that little critter to get out of that seed. Bonus - any children that visit your home will think you are THE COOLEST because you use a squirt gun in the house *s*

WoolenSails said...

LOL, you made it too easy for him, he has a place to stand while he digs in. I hang mine in a tree but one day it was covered in crows, so I chased them away. As soon as they began to fly off, up pops a squirrel, who had wrapped himself around the bottom tier, sure wish I had a camera for that one.


Carrie P. said...

Yep! squirrels can be such a pain.

Anna said...

We call ours the Doom Squirrel...he actually give us some lip! lol