November 5, 2010


Welcome Everyone to Day 2 of the
Quilt Designer Holiday Blog Hop!

How sweet was Brenda's post and project! I can't wait to punch up that little guy! The cookie recipe sounds delicious! How pretty would those cookies be on a tray for the Holidays!?!

Our second Designer is
Debbie Field from
Hometown * Rice Lake, WI

This past year I have had the opportunity to travel out of state, do a few retail shows and meet some amazing gals! Debbie just happens to be one of them! From the moment I met her, I knew she was a super cool gal!

Debbie is a veteran in our industry and has been designing patterns, fabrics and books long before some of us even entered the industry. Over the years, she has designed numerous lines of fabric, as well as some amazing books for Laundauer Corporation. This past month, she and her publisher Kitty were kind enough to give us a tour of the publishing company while down in Des Moines! {Thanks!} It was a neat experience!

Debbie is very inspiring and genuine. She is also a very active person who loves the outdoors and loves to capture the essence of the outdoors in her work! Nature is her palette... She uses it in her artwork, her color scheme and texture. She also loves taking photos of her family, her beautiful grand kids, and of the great outdoors. These photos become not only pictures... but memories captured in time.

Debbie's signature saying:
“Take time for quilting and enjoy the outdoors. Life is full of memories.
Make sure you have a nice place to keep them. Quilt it!”

PS * Don't forget... to print off your complimentary cookie swap recipe!
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Carrie said...

Punch up that little guy?

LOL Even though I know exactly what you mean, why is it that my first thought was that you wanted to smack "him" around a little bit? I know... it's just me.

But you're right, the project is gorgeous. I have already printed it out and am getting some floss today. I'm looking forward to YOUR project. :)

And not to be a pest or anything but I need a "Chalkboard Doodle" fix... it's been awhile. No pressure... :)