October 19, 2010


I LOVE the day the UPS truck delivers my new fabric!!!! It's so exciting to open the box and see the paintings and drawings I've sent off return to me on beautiful cloth. This line was inspired by my love for embroidery, monograms and life's blessings. I've been busy designing and sewing project after project getting ready for Quilt Market later this month. All of the projects are small and fairly easy. There is a table runner, several pot holders, a monogram banner, pillow, door knob caddy, and more! I know I should know when the fabric will be in stores.....I'll let you know when I find out. The line is called Full Circle. My reasoning behind the name was this -
when I design a line for Moda, I will start with a line drawing which I send to them for approval. One day, while looking through all of the line drawings I had accumulated, I decided to trace the image onto a piece of Crackle fabric and hand embroider it. That was in 2007, the first year I started my embroidery pattern business. When we came up with the idea of designing fabric that looked like hand embroidery, I liked the idea that the whole thing had come Full Circle.

The images on the patterns are actually from the fabric line's panels, but they look like little stitches! Not enough time to do hand embroidery? That's OK, it's already done for you. But if you do like to spend the evening with a needle in your hand, I have also included embroidery directions in these patterns. The patterns will be ready sometime in Nov/Dec. I hope you like them!
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Robyn of Robyns Nest said...

Kathy once again you've out done yourself. Can't wait to order the patterns from my local quilt shop. I tried the MODA web site to get a better look at the fabric :-( it's not there. Oh well it just give me something to look forward to !

Lorraine said...

I am a big fan of your embroidery patterns...am just finishing Peace and Plenty and have another couple ready to go...will be on the look out for the fabric (what a fab idea!!) and your new patterns.