March 27, 2010


I took a day last week to explore a bit of the Oregon/Washington coastline. I wish you could feel what it's like there just by looking at the pictures, but there is something about the wind hitting you, the sound of the waves and seagulls and the fresh, fresh air that can't be captured in a photograph. This is the North Head light house at Cape Disappointment in southern Washington.
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WoolenSails said...

I can imagine it, that is how I feel when we are in maine. You just can't capture that feel on film, but I can't wait for the good weather to come and head up.


lynda said...

What wonderful pictures. We hiked up there with our dogs about a year ago. It's such a beautiful spot. Thanks so much for sharing your photos.

Alice said...

I can feel the wind in my face and see the great expanse of water in front of me. I am taking a deep breath of that fresh air and can taste the salt on my lips. Love the lighthouse.