June 1, 2009

The best thing about moving to Portland is being closer to my family. Our house is only 6 houses away from my 3 nieces and I am thoroughly enjoying having them so close! I love their company and I love that they want to help be put my patterns together! Last night Julia (Juju) and Emily came over and between the two of them they put together over 120 patterns! They are hard workers and if I'm lucky they sing while they work and they're cute to boot! Thank you Em and Juju!
I have some of my pendants up on my Etsy site. This one is called RedWing and it measures
1 3/4" s 3/4".
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Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy I visited your wonderful blog last week and ordered a pendant from your etsy store...it arrived and I am delighted..especially with the surprise package. Keep up the great work! Thanks, Linda

Jodi Nelson said...

Beautiful Pendants.